A seasonal passport to adventure in the city!

Excitement and satisfaction are the natural results of making new discoveries when you travel anywhere. Yet close to home, there are layers of stories beneath the surface of what we see. In the nooks and crannies are special places sprinkled across our urban landscape. URBIA connects people with these places by sharing the knowledge of San Francisco’s local experts in fun and meaningful ways.

Adventures in your mailbox

Remember the anticipation in finding a packet of mail addressed to you when you were a child? The URBIA team has created a series of adventure booklets for collecting, re-reading and adventuring. When you’ve got a free block of time (1-2 hours during or after school, on the weekend, or vacation days) your family or school group will enjoy working together as a team to navigate their way through a particular urban nature environment by solving riddle clues. Kids love the ‘treasure hunt’ aspect of getting outdoors and grown-ups find these adventures appealing and engaging too! A hidden box is located at the end of each adventure. The boxes stay hidden year-round, so URBIA adventures can be undertaken on any day of the year!

The Rewards of Exploration & Discovery


  • A deepened sense of place and being at home in the city
  • Ability to read the city’s landscape and ecology (eco-literacy)
  • Fun childhood memories that will last a lifetime
  • Sharpened senses for enjoying anyplace you find yourself on the planet
  • An experience of traveling adventure without leaving the city (read: “low carbon footprint fun”)

We live in one of the most extraordinary cultural and natural places on the planet. Get out and start exploring this wonderful place called San Francisco!